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Marsha Martino

Executive Director

As a provider of social services, I was aware of NAMI’s information and referral services, so when a family member first experienced mental illness more than 10 years ago, I contacted them to obtain information and to find out about local resources. I became involved with NAMI PBC in 2010 when I took the first Provider Education class offered by them. Immediately thereafter my husband and I took the Family to Family class. The importance of connecting with people who live with similar traumatic life experiences cannot be overstated. Realizing the importance of NAMI’s role as a resource for our community, I began volunteering my time as a Provider Education instructor and as a member of NAMI’s Board of Directors. Being selected to serve as Executive Director of this amazing organization has been a tremendous honor. I am excited to be able to devote my time to helping to improve the lives of individuals living with mental illness and the lives of the people who love and support them.

My past experiences include developing and managing programs for individuals with neurological issues, developmental disabilities, cystic fibrosis, and adult and juvenile justice issues. My passion is utilizing grant writing, program development, and professional and family skill building to develop resources for individuals who have multiple diagnoses and complex needs.


Katherine Murphy

Director of Programs

I am ecstatic about the opportunity to work for NAMI; everyday people share their incredibly positive experiences with the organization and I am honored to join the team. I am a community educator with experience working with diverse populations. I earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Outside of work, I enjoy attending cultural events including theater, concerts, and art shows.


 Lori McInerney

Development Coordinator

I have a background that includes management, sales, marketing, and promotion. I have represented a wide variety of leading companies, working on management and development. I maintained and expanded businesses within the Florida, Puerto Rico, and Caribbean territory while creating new partnerships. My diverse responsibilities included planning, staffing and developing business through exciting events with guest presenters. In addition, I worked for event planning companies where I experienced directing, coordination operations, hiring, supervising, and motivating.

I am thrilled about using my skills to give back to the NAMI community. I had reached out to NAMI in the past and received amazing support, education, and advocacy. But most of all–understanding, compassion, and empowerment, through the Family to Family course, volunteering, and more.

My role is to coordinate and create the major NAMI events throughout the year along with maintaining relationships with participants, volunteers, donors, and anyone interested in getting more involved with our organization.


Sue Gordon

Family Support Specialist

It has always been important to me to work in a field where I can help people. Offering hope, resources, and information is invaluable when someone is in need of services. As mental illness has touched my life with my own family members , NAMI is a perfect fit. I have been fortunate to have worked for, and with, many talented and inspiring people along the way. Previously, I worked for Jeff Industries as a vocational instructor, and at Gulfstream Goodwill as a program coordinator. I have volunteered with Palm Glades Girl Scouts and at the Hospice of Palm Beach County (summer) Teen Bereavement Camp.

I am excited to be working at NAMI with a team who really knows that education, awareness and hope are needed in our community and who are all dedicated to removing the stigma associated with mental illness.


Jessica Winter

Mentor Program Coordinator

I have a passion to do meaningful work that creates positive change in the world. With a breadth and depth of experience delivering high-quality results in project and program management, marketing, communications, public relations, and operations — and with experience spanning government, private, nonprofit and military organizations — I hope to make a positive impact through my work at NAMI PBC.

With an innate sense of compassion and empathy, and a well-honed sense of intuition, I hold a natural ability to coordinate people to work together toward common goals. While I spent the five years prior to joining NAMI PBC in a human services focused nonprofit, my role was in communications leadership. I am thrilled to be turning in a direction where I can make a more direct positive impact on the lives of others — especially those who have a background of trauma or who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Meditation and energy work are important parts of keeping my life balanced, and I am a certified and registered yoga teacher, Reiki Master, therapeutic sound practitioner and holistic coach. An occasional, unplugged immersion into nature is critical to the nourishment of my being. I especially love the mountains.

Whenever there is any time left over in my busy schedule, I sing with my old band mates, paint on canvas, and bake Swedish breads and pastries from old family recipes.


Helen Trainor

Advocacy Coordinator

I am happy to serve as the NAMI PBC advocacy coordinator.  Formerly, I worked as an assistant federal public defender with specialties in habeas corpus, extradition, and federal criminal appellate practice.  I founded the first ever project in Virginia to examine conditions in Virginia’s prisons and mental hospitals and with a team of dedicated volunteers, won a federal class action lawsuit compelling the Virginia Department of Corrections to provide adequate health care to women inmates in the state’s largest prison medical center.  I was also a 2002-2003 United States Supreme Court Fellow.  During my year with the Supreme Court, I  acted as a spokesperson for the Chief Justice and worked the State and Justice Departments to train ex-patriate Iraqi judges in criminal appellate practice prior to their return to Iraq.

As an Episcopal deacon, I have served three parishes, in Massachusetts, Washington, and Florida.  I developed a specialty in church and congregational development and oversaw programs serving the homeless and children in educationally challenged neighborhoods.  I have also worked with a church-based advocacy network to compel city officials to make improvements in these neighborhoods.  For three years, I served the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts as the Executive Director of a project to support congregations on Cape Cod and the islands in developing mission and outreach within their communities.

Thanks to a grant from Allegany Franciscan Ministries, I have been working with NAMI PBC to develop a state-wide advocacy network of NAMI affiliates.  The grant supports several NAMI Smarts for Advocacy trainings as well as the formation of NAMI Advocacy Groups throughout the state.


Chris Inirio

Membership Contact / Administrative Assistant

I’ve been working with NAMI/PBC since June of 2012 between my time as a volunteer and as a staff member and am now serving as the Membership Contact and Administrative Assistant. My favorite parts of my job are the fun work environment and how great the people I work with are. Also being able to do the many social activities that NAMI offers and making new friends. When I’m not here, I like spending my time on watching sports, playing video games and sleeping.



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